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Welcome to the Town of Fairfax Waste & Recycling Website. Here you will find everything you need to know about the State of Vermont’s Universal Recycling Law (Act 148). You will also find information on upcoming collection events, where and how to dispose of certain items (see A-Z list) and a copy of the Town of Fairfax’s Solid Waste Implementation Plan.

The Town of Fairfax submitted their annual SWIP report on July 1, 2017 for the year 2016. The Town’s current diversion rate is 31% and the disposal rate is 2.21 lbs./per person/per day. The Statewide goal in Vermont is 2.69 lbs/per person/per day so Fairfax is exceeding the goal of Act 148! The Statewide diversion goal is 50%. We suspect that the diversion rate will go up in 2017 with the collection of  food waste at transfer stations and continued education on recycling. Do your part by recycling more and throwing away less!!



SWIP Document

Solid Waste Implementation Plan

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Special Events

Dates for HHW day and more!

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A-Z List of Recyclables

Search for recyclables and where they are accepted

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